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Epistle: Music
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Released: August 2021 · 7 tracks · Length: 53:27

Epistle by Arcachata creates a new sound for this universal band who can switch through genres with any song and demonstrates their versatile appeal with each album or EP. This record focuses on electronica music to transform styles from one track to another. "To the Best of the Authors of Music" triumphs as a midway song from this EP with other notable singles such as "Penelope's Jam" that showcases an amazing operatic tone. Epistle is a theatrical album that evokes emotions and provides the listener a glimpse into the heart of true artists. You will love finding your own meaning to the music!
- Evangeline W.

Epistle: Discography

Featuring "Cool Nights / Westwarding Magi"

Epistle can't really count as a "from 0" composition. It's really a rehash of my first DAW programming, which is so bad not even I had the guts to publish it. But Epistle is cool. But that first song, not so sure.
So anyway, Buscando El Pan was my last "true" "from 0" composition, and that was 8 months ago. I've been working with Florence, Laly, and Cezary on another project I'm producing, Lorettishur. We're reinterpreting 80's punk and alternative rock songs, so it's really a covers project.
So three days ago I thought I'd take a break from working on the covers (the guys are currently recording), and went back to my audio journal and found a little guitar riff I'd done way back on March 9, 2020. I put it into the DAW and three days and several beers later I share this humble musical thought with you. Enjoy.

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Featuring "To the Best of the Authors of Music"

A humble offering to the best of the authors of music. Horns, drums, strings and music from instruments that utilize the electron to put together sounds, will delight the listener, or maybe disgust the listener, but hopefully not so. A humble work from a great admirer of the best authors, those past and present, and hoping for the future of music. A tribute to those contributing to good music, music unlike most of what most people listen to today everywhere in the world. The best of the authors of music will save music. Here is to the future music, and to a great music future.


Featuring "The Urgency"

The burden of the reasoning animal is death. When you have a project – and by project I mean “project” as Eisenman put it, something that’s important to you to say or to do, but which is ongoing, like for example to put forth, indefinitely, your evolving ideas, your creations, pieces of your mind, through your work or craft, maybe in different areas or through distinct specific subprojects, be these a piece of writing, a piece of music, an architectural project, or any other vessel that will carry your ideology and/or taste that you want to share – you start, as you gradually start ceasing to be the perennial immortally-minded teen or young adult with, as Gilmour and Wright have put it, “time to kill today”, to feel a certain urgency about keeping on getting your project out.

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On "Cool Nights / Westwarding Magi":

"I dig the exotic vibes within the various lead melodies, and the drums definitely add an intriguing element as well and gives the track that big bold sound. The guitars also add a real nice edge and texture and work surprisingly well, and the piano holds everyone together just wonderfully. A very cool and original vibe throughout!!"

Epistle: Quote

On "Crazy Tree":

"Wild, man!"

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On "Day of Glad":

"Really amazing composition."

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On "The Urgency":

"Such a great unnerving intro leading to the prog-rock riff with gothic and psychedelic sensibilities to make this a memorable listen."

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On "Penelope's Jam":

"Great theme and composition, quite thrilling and compelling!"

Epistle: Quote
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