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Pioneering Isthmian Goth Hop

Experimental rock / Alternative ambient music / Instrumental fusion

Shun banality



Still picture videos

Still picture videos

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All Categories
Film & Animation

ARCACHATA - Experience (Audio)

ARCACHATA - Epistle (Audio)

ARCACHATA - Year of the Hermit (Audio)

ARCACHATA - Life After Death trilogy (Audio)

ARCACHATA - Prelude to Smoochfest (Audio)

ARCACHATA - Midnight Song (Audio)

ARCACHATA - Triunfo Tapa'o (Audio)

ARCACHATA - Their Sunny Peruvian Funeral (Audio)

Music videos

Music videos

All Categories
All Categories

Arcachata - A Breach of Microscopic Fauna, Pt. 1: In the Lab [MUSIC VIDEO]

Arcachata - Buscando el Pan [MUSIC VIDEO]

Arcachata - In Between the Bars Jaunt [MUSIC VIDEO]


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Serving Isthmian Goth Hop since November 2018
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All music written and produced by Adolfo Samudio

Isthmian Goth Hop


Main alcohol: Trumpet, Piano, Acoustic and electric guitars, Monotonal and polytonal vocalisations, Bongo, Drum kit, Bass guitar, Trombone, Synthesizers, Sequencers, Percussion.

Ingredients: 1 oz rock, 1 oz trance, 1 oz avant garde, 1/2 oz instrumental hip hop, 1/2 oz metal, 1/2 oz world, 1/2 oz prog, and a splash of traditional Panamanian folk.

Preparation: Add all ingredients into sonic mindspace filled with 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s nostalgia.  Mix vigorously.  Strain electronically.  Stir gently.  Garnish with beats from the future.  Serve with some 20’s ghost whistling.

Served:  With some 20’s ghost whistling, with set volume at 10, with then crank up the volume.

Standard garnish: Beats from the future.  

Drinkware: Store the lyrics away for the future generation.


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El Higo, Panamá / Panama City, Panama

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