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Amaro Cacao

Released: October 2021 · 13 tracks · Length: 51:16

Amaro Cacao is a delicious explosion of fusion rock by universal act Arcachata with South American rhythms as well as hard hitting metal sounds for an eclectic experience. With ascending and descending notes of world music and nostalgic influences reminiscent of video arcade games, this decadent record is as rich as the namesake drink. Standout songs include "Experience" with a definitive medley of jazzy instrumentals to create a unique cadence with a moody appeal. Another track to showcase is "The Dream of the Purple Maiden", which comes to life with a progressive rhythm and harmonic vocals revealing Arcachata's truly diverse offer.
- Evangeline W.


Featuring "Foray Into Genre, Inc."

Another exploration into the coexistence of genres.


Featuring "Experience"

A song driven by a minimalistic melodic piano and drums.

Arcachata - Experience2.jpg

Featuring "The Dream of the Purple Maiden"

Another exploration into the coexistence of genres.

Arcachata - Dream of the Purple Maiden.jpg

On "October 21, 1940":

"Nice arrangement... keeping it at bay to the last section."


On "Foray Into Genre, Inc.":

"What a wild ride!  Great mixture of sounds and styles!"


On "Experience":

"Great piece of music. Love the piano. Overall eclectic arrangement suits my fancy."


On "Esme Veronique, Verna, and Fito, the Scotland Yard Freshman":

"The king of enchanting melodies!"

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Released: August 2021 · 7 tracks · Length: 53:27

Epistle by Arcachata creates a new sound for this universal band who can switch through genres with any song and demonstrates their versatile appeal with each album or EP. This record focuses on electronica music to transform styles from one track to another. "To the Best of the Authors of Music" triumphs as a midway song from this EP with other notable singles such as "Penelope's Jam" that showcases an amazing operatic tone. Epistle is a theatrical album that evokes emotions and provides the listener a glimpse into the heart of true artists. You will love finding your own meaning to the music!
- Evangeline W.


Featuring "Cool Nights / Westwarding Magi"

Epistle can't really count as a "from 0" composition. It's really a rehash of my first DAW programming, which is so bad not even I had the guts to publish it. But Epistle is cool. But that first song, not so sure.
So anyway, Buscando El Pan was my last "true" "from 0" composition, and that was 8 months ago. I've been working with Florence, Laly, and Cezary on another project I'm producing, Lorettishur. We're reinterpreting 80's punk and alternative rock songs, so it's really a covers project.
So three days ago I thought I'd take a break from working on the covers (the guys are currently recording), and went back to my audio journal and found a little guitar riff I'd done way back on March 9, 2020. I put it into the DAW and three days and several beers later I share this humble musical thought with you. Enjoy.

cover cool nights westwarding magi COLOR TEXT.jpg

Featuring "To the Best of the Authors of Music"

A humble offering to the best of the authors of music. Horns, drums, strings and music from instruments that utilize the electron to put together sounds, will delight the listener, or maybe disgust the listener, but hopefully not so. A humble work from a great admirer of the best authors, those past and present, and hoping for the future of music. A tribute to those contributing to good music, music unlike most of what most people listen to today everywhere in the world. The best of the authors of music will save music. Here is to the future music, and to a great music future.


Featuring "The Urgency"

The burden of the reasoning animal is death. When you have a project – and by project I mean “project” as Eisenman put it, something that’s important to you to say or to do, but which is ongoing, like for example to put forth, indefinitely, your evolving ideas, your creations, pieces of your mind, through your work or craft, maybe in different areas or through distinct specific subprojects, be these a piece of writing, a piece of music, an architectural project, or any other vessel that will carry your ideology and/or taste that you want to share – you start, as you gradually start ceasing to be the perennial immortally-minded teen or young adult with, as Gilmour and Wright have put it, “time to kill today”, to feel a certain urgency about keeping on getting your project out.

Arcachata - The Urgency.jpg

On "Cool Nights / Westwarding Magi":

"I dig the exotic vibes within the various lead melodies, and the drums definitely add an intriguing element as well and gives the track that big bold sound. The guitars also add a real nice edge and texture and work surprisingly well, and the piano holds everyone together just wonderfully. A very cool and original vibe throughout!!"


On "Crazy Tree":

"Wild, man!"


On "Day of Glad":

"Really amazing composition."


On "The Urgency":

"Such a great unnerving intro leading to the prog-rock riff with gothic and psychedelic sensibilities to make this a memorable listen."


On "Penelope's Jam":

"Great theme and composition, quite thrilling and compelling!"

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Year of the Hermit

Released: April 2020 · 8 tracks · Length: 37:42

Year of the Hermit started out as a change in direction that was originally planned to become a whole new project under said name.  New sounds were introduced and a more downtempo, dream pop aesthetic brought in as evidenced in songs such as "Reminiscings" and "Mia Victoria".  The entire album is informed by a sense of isolation stemming from the lockdown resulting from the coronavirus pandemic during which it was created.  The sense of melancholy and dread introduced as soon as the album begins with the new-to-Arcachata solo violin on “2020 Vision” and its "ensemble" aesthetic is juxtaposed by the beats of a simple drum kit and Arcachata's familiar electric bass.  This darker feel is counterpointed by a more hopeful character in the prog-rock-meets-son-cubano of "Crab Paradise Under the Lemon Tree (With Tiny Iceberg)" and its enthusiastic signature trumpet, as well as by the festive, progressive afro-punk of "Buscando el Pan".  In the end, this almost-became-another-project, rawer succesor to 2006 7 21 ended up staying faithful to its roots and could ultimately become anything but yet another true-to-character Arcachata release.


Featuring "2020 Vision"

The first song on the album was also the first to be composed and looks to capture the sheer bizarrity of the first few days and weeks of the pandemic.  It looks to set the stage for the rest of the album, as it is the result of a wonderment at the situation we were going through as a species -- outright scary, surreal – a quasi-apocalyptic socioeconomic landscape of unprecedented dimensions.

2020 Vision-.jpg

Featuring "Soar"

Soar is an invitation to be humble as a species.
The lockdown due to the new coronavirus has evidenced the fragility of Homo sapiens and his systems while reminding us once again of the grappling hold he has been historically exerting over Planet Earth. Part three of our 2019 song “A Breach of Microscopic Fauna” was titled “Aftermath: World without Humans / Nature's Celebration.” Maybe this was a little harsh. But, in our defense, that track was named back in late November 2019, when what is going on right now was still the stuff of dystopian fiction.
But this forced, temporary reduction of our imposition on Earth as a result of COVID-19 has already started to become evident as nature gingerly begins to reclaim her place. But what happens after a vaccine is in place? Surely we will emerge victorious from this war on SARS-CoV-2. But hopefully this current human crisis will also allow us to emerge more mature as a species, and so other animals and the environment will also end up winning.


Featuring "Mia Victoria"

The tenderness that a young daughter can convey gave much needed reassurance during the dark days of the pandemic.  A slow-tempoed, deep, dark, nostalgic, driven gem.

Mia Victoria.jpg

On "2020 Vision":

"I like the spaces and the sense of movement and developing story with cool, punchy sounds throughout. EXCELLENT."


On "Soar":



On "Mia Victoria":

"A regal quality that's so strong in all of it's gentle qualities... supreme guitar sound... rhythmical awesomeness... deep glorious build-ups."


Full track listing:

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2006 7 21

Released: March 22, 2020 · 6 tracks · Length: 43:25



Featuring "To Dream of Past Glories"

A requiem for a time and exploits gone by.


Featuring "The Battle of Natá"

In the mid-sixteenth century, the chieftain Urracá of what today is mid-western Panama fought the Spanish conquistadors for almost nine years until his death in battle in 1531.


Featuring "A Big Cheery Decade"

In homage to that strange and wonderful time and place, nighttime Panama City, Panama between roughly 2002 and 2012.

A Big Cheery Decade
1. Costa Azul (0:00-0:42)
2. Next (0:43-2:12)
3. Wasabi (2:13-4:20)
4. Fisch (4:21-4:36)
5. Liquid (4:37-6:05)
6. Opah (6:06-6:54)
7. Sahara (6:55-8:13)
8. Madame Blanche (8:14-9:50)
9. Costa Azul (Reprise) (9:51-10:44)

cover rev.jpg

On "To Dream of Past Glories":

"I wanna stay in this forever."


On "The Battle of Natá":

"Excellent trumpet intro... great tune... excellent mix & recording... fantastic synthesizer track!  Great ambience!  Awesome track!"


On "A Big Cheery Decade":

"Innovative track... excellent result.  Bravo for the mix!"


Full track listing:

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Prelude to Smoochfest

Released: November 7, 2019 · 7 tracks · Length: 42:54


Opcion 2 02.jpg

Featuring "Life After Death, Part 2"

This trilogy is what happens when a friend and business associate, an old, namesake chemistry professor from back in high school, and a musician who's been a lifelong inspiration, all die one by one in a matter of a few days.
However, pretty quickly, life, it, well... goes on. Most people will be out partying tonight and many a millenial today would ask, "Neil who"??
A celebration of life and a wonderment at death.

coronavirus UAE main - SQUARE.jpg

Featuring "A Breach Of Microscopic Fauna"

1. At the Lab 0:00-2:24
2. Breach! Propagate! 2:24-4:43
3. Aftermath: World Without Humans / Nature's Celebration 4:43-7:33

I wrote and posted "A Breach Of Microscopic Fauna" roughly two weeks before the Hunan novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreaks reportedly started.

The song is in three movements.

The first, "At the Lab", is about a deadly virus being experimented with, mutated and replicated at a biosafety level 4 military lab somewhere in the world.

Throughout the song, the piano represents the activity of the virus.

The second movement, "Breach! Propagate!", is comprised exclusively of piano and is about a hypothetical security breach occurring at said lab and the virus now out among the general population. The movement is set conceptually at the microscopic level, from, have you, the virus perspective. It starts slowly, tentatively, to reflect a slower initial replication and gradually speeds up to symbolize how the virus quickly becomes a global pandemic. It ends with the last piano key hits symbolizing the last human "dropping" victim to the virus - after putting up a heck of a fight.

The third movement starts at the same beat that the previous ends, to symbolize the victory of the virus over humankind. Called "Aftermath: World Without Humans / Nature's Celebration", it tells of how Mother Nature is saved from humans via a human mistake through tinkering with one of her agents. She furthermore guarantees her own safety, at least for the time being, by once again Earth becoming a planet without humans, and she rejoices, and she celebrates.

No more good and evil. Just pureness. Wild animals roaming the earth, skies and oceans, plants overtaking infrastructure and cities.

But wait. Hehe. That scenario is certainly nice to think about, from time to time. Enrique Bunbury of Héroes del Silencio did once say, "Los astros no están más lejos que los hombres que trato" (the stars aren't further away than the men I deal with). And Tool's Maynard James Keenan may have longed for Mother Nature to "please flush it all away", back in the late 90's. As humans we can all identify with these sentiments from time to time.

But let's stay around for a bit longer, shall we?

But let's be responsible. Still some good humans out there. Still some uniquely human values here. Kindness. Genuinity. Empathy. Worthwhile human creators, creations and artifacts. The Little Prince, Wagner. Transformers. Gabo García Márquez, Hemispheres by Rush. Bret Easton Ellis and his late 80's New York. Panamanian polleras and molas. The guitar. 80's American automobiles. 2015-and-later craft beer. Peart, Bonham, and Cobham. Eisenman, Gehry, Van der Rohe. Not to mention the lots and lots of isthmified, gothified, hoppified and lubed, certified dime pieces. Not to mention either the love of a son for his father and for his mother. The love of a brother for his sister. The love of a husband for his wife and of a father for his daughter and for his son.

Let's keep the viruses where they belong. Labs and bats. And fellows. Stop eating the flying critters. Will ya?? Just to be on the safe side? Hehe.

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Featuring "Prelude to Smoochfest"

Cover image based on "Broken Glass Lip Art" by Karla Powell, licensed under CC BY-NC 4-0.  Used with permission.

On "Prelude to Smoochfest":

"Dark and severe background, intriguing drums section.  Cosmic energy combined with eclectic rock style."


Full track listing:

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Released: September 20, 2019 · 7 tracks · Length: 1:02:21



Featuring the "53,5" suite:  "Adventure", "Discovery" and "Contact"

The backbone of the album.

cover front IV.jpg

Featuring "A Strange Night"

Yet another exploration into the coexistence of genres.

Arcachata - A Strange Night.jpg

Featuring "Overcoming August"

Further exploration into the coexistence of genres within the domain of a few simple chords.

Overcoming August cover 2020 fin.jpg

On "Discovery (Part 2 Of '53,5')":

"An epic rhythmical journey."


Full track listing:

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Released: June 26, 2019 · 7 tracks · Length: 43:36



Featuring "Their Sunny Peruvian Funeral"

This song is what happens when your wife asks you to write a reguetón hit.  Most will agree it is anything but that, and that makes us proud.  One of the most unique songs in the Arcachata catalog.

qollority-171-Large - copia - BIG.jpg

Featuring "Triunfo Tapa'o"

Vintage progressive rock rhythms infused with avant-garde latin motifs, crowned by one of the most beautiful downbeat transitions in modern music.  Triunfo Tapao', or "Covered-up triumph" is about the unsong heroes everywhere and their achievements, in science, art and life.

Arcachata cassette crema - midres.jpg

Featuring "Isthmian Goth Hop"

An anthem of Arcachata, a celebration of everything that Panama is: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

jjj373a - copia.jpg


On "Their Sunny Peruvian Funeral":

"Oh what fun, and clearly a funeral in the mountains, cuz it’s always cloudy in Lima."


Full track listing:

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Dos Días

Released: May 29, 2019 · 8 tracks · Length: 59:22

A bourne-of-night gem of eclectic nostalgia, this first collection of songs is marked by a rural noir eeriness stemming from the dark lore of the author’s childhood and adolescent memories of the Santa Clara area of the Panamanian countryside.  The deep resonating piano which would become a staple of the Arcachata style opens up the album with the foreboding mystery of the eponymous “Dos Días”.  Then the oldest song on the record, “Our Little Dance After”, which was originally intended for release on the “…Tío Conejo…” EP, is among the first to feature the trademark Arcachata sound of richly textured, permeating synths and staccato distorted guitar and synth riffs juxtaposed against a droning drum kit beat, all held together by the relentless sustained ahhiness of the female vocal vertebral spine.  Soonafter, arcade-synth aesthetics and cool bubble-gum-breath vocalizations take the listener back to a whole ‘nother universe with the resigned aloofness and festive naiveté of “80’s Lament/Freedom”.  “Io” then takes the reigning sense of dread to new levels and fast-forwards a trip through tragicomic theater passages to yet close out with the sweetness of a sublime revelation.  And to wrap things up, frenzied soloing trumpet and hard-hitting obstinato piano duel out a game of intense one-upmanship in the frantic, celebratory “El Poroto No Cesa”, the last song on the album, to lay the groundwork for what was to come.


Featuring "Io"

Io is the most volcanically active world in the solar system, with hundreds of volcanoes, some erupting lava fountains dozens of miles high. Io is caught in a tug-of-war between Jupiter and neighboring moons.

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health conditions. Although they are less visible than schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder, they can be just as disabling. The diagnoses of anxiety disorders are being continuously revised.
Bystritsky et al.


Featuring "La Estera"

A magic carpet, also called a flying carpet, is a legendary carpet, and common trope in fantasy fiction. They are typically used as a form of transportation, and can quickly or instantaneously carry users to their destination.

photomontage square LEVELS.jpg

Featuring "Midnight Chase for Trance Imam"

The name says it all.

street fin.jpg

Dos Días

On "Io":

"Every one of your songs paints such an amazing picture in my mind, it's unreal."


Full track listing: