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Dos Días

Released: May 29, 2019 · 8 tracks · Length: 59:22

A bourne-of-night gem of eclectic nostalgia, this first collection of songs is marked by a rural noir eeriness stemming from the dark lore of the author’s childhood and adolescent memories of the Santa Clara area of the Panamanian countryside.  The deep resonating piano which would become a staple of the Arcachata style opens up the album with the foreboding mystery of the eponymous “Dos Días”.  Then the oldest song on the record, “Our Little Dance After”, which was originally intended for release on the “…Tío Conejo…” EP, is among the first to feature the trademark Arcachata sound of richly textured, permeating synths and staccato distorted guitar and synth riffs juxtaposed against a droning drum kit beat, all held together by the relentless sustained ahhiness of the female vocal vertebral spine.  Soonafter, arcade-synth aesthetics and cool bubble-gum-breath vocalizations take the listener back to a whole ‘nother universe with the resigned aloofness and festive naiveté of “80’s Lament/Freedom”.  “Io” then takes the reigning sense of dread to new levels and fast-forwards a trip through tragicomic theater passages to yet close out with the sweetness of a sublime revelation.  And to wrap things up, frenzied soloing trumpet and hard-hitting obstinato piano duel out a game of intense one-upmanship in the frantic, celebratory “El Poroto No Cesa”, the last song on the album, to lay the groundwork for what was to come.

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Featuring "Io"

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Bystritsky et al.


Featuring "La Estera"

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Featuring "Midnight Chase for Trance Imam"

The name says it all.

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Dos Días

On "Io":

"Every one of your songs paints such an amazing picture in my mind, it's unreal."

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