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Amaro Cacao: Music
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Amaro Cacao

Released: October 2021 · 13 tracks · Length: 51:16

Amaro Cacao is a delicious explosion of fusion rock by universal act Arcachata with South American rhythms as well as hard hitting metal sounds for an eclectic experience. With ascending and descending notes of world music and nostalgic influences reminiscent of video arcade games, this decadent record is as rich as the namesake drink. Standout songs include "Experience" with a definitive medley of jazzy instrumentals to create a unique cadence with a moody appeal. Another track to showcase is "The Dream of the Purple Maiden", which comes to life with a progressive rhythm and harmonic vocals revealing Arcachata's truly diverse offer.
- Evangeline W.

Amaro Cacao: Discography

Featuring "Foray Into Genre, Inc."

Another exploration into the coexistence of genres.


Featuring "Experience"

A song driven by a minimalistic melodic piano and drums.

Arcachata - Experience2.jpg

Featuring "The Dream of the Purple Maiden"

Another exploration into the coexistence of genres.

Arcachata - Dream of the Purple Maiden.jpg

On "October 21, 1940":

"Nice arrangement... keeping it at bay to the last section."

Amaro Cacao: Quote

On "Foray Into Genre, Inc.":

"What a wild ride!  Great mixture of sounds and styles!"

Amaro Cacao: Quote

On "Experience":

"Great piece of music. Love the piano. Overall eclectic arrangement suits my fancy."

Amaro Cacao: Quote

On "Esme Veronique, Verna, and Fito, the Scotland Yard Freshman":

"The king of enchanting melodies!"

Amaro Cacao: Quote
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