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2006 7 21

Released: March 22, 2020 · 6 tracks · Length: 43:25



Featuring "To Dream of Past Glories"

A requiem for a time and exploits gone by.


Featuring "The Battle of Natá"

In the mid-sixteenth century, the chieftain Urracá of what today is mid-western Panama fought the Spanish conquistadors for almost nine years until his death in battle in 1531.


Featuring "A Big Cheery Decade"

In homage to that strange and wonderful time and place, nighttime Panama City, Panama between roughly 2002 and 2012.

A Big Cheery Decade
1. Costa Azul (0:00-0:42)
2. Next (0:43-2:12)
3. Wasabi (2:13-4:20)
4. Fisch (4:21-4:36)
5. Liquid (4:37-6:05)
6. Opah (6:06-6:54)
7. Sahara (6:55-8:13)
8. Madame Blanche (8:14-9:50)
9. Costa Azul (Reprise) (9:51-10:44)

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On "To Dream of Past Glories":

"I wanna stay in this forever."


On "The Battle of Natá":

"Excellent trumpet intro... great tune... excellent mix & recording... fantastic synthesizer track!  Great ambience!  Awesome track!"


On "A Big Cheery Decade":

"Innovative track... excellent result.  Bravo for the mix!"