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Quick thought about Nirvana's Nevermind

This just needs to be said. Needs to be said to in honor of the song Smells Like Teen Spirit. Let's be honest. Smells Like Teen Spirit is the disruptor. It's the true gist of Nevermind. All the other songs are, in greater or lesser measure, just supporters. The revolution is Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's a song that deserves to be listened to again. Go ahead, play it again. The depth of the contrast between the main theme and the verse, the choruses and the five-year-old-can-play-it guitar solo, it's gargantuan. Having said that, let's be consequential to the five other songs that are true standouts in the album: Come As You Are, Lithium, Polly, Drain You, and On A Plain. The album could have really been just these 6 songs. But then, maybe they wouldn't be so special.

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